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Inner Growth - Horty Girl's Plant Care Guide

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HortyGirl’s feature on La Belle Vie, Cloverdale BC

Friday, August 19th, 2011


La Belle Vie 5709 176 St, Surrey, BC

La Belle Vie, fabulous home decor and comestics finds 🙂

On June 16, 2011, we went out to interview one of our very first and long time customers of HortyGirl, La Belle Vie…..

La Belle Vie is a fantastic store, full of many amazing treasures. The store is filled with everything from home decor accessories, jewellery, even gifts for infants and pets.   Jane, the owner of La Belle Vie, as well as a mother of three first opened the store in March 2008 in Cloverdale BC.

Always adding a personal touch... a Happy La Belle Vie customer with 2 HortyGirl plants 🙂


Jane always put the customer first, “treating each and every person like a guest, every time” and choosing her products based on what the customer is looking for.  She handpicks each individual item, adding her own flair to the products by also bringing in products that she falls in love with.   Jane makes a point to be unique, as “you’ve got to be able to take a risk” and carries products that you wouldn’t normally find at other stores.  Many of their products are also Canadian and made from local artisans, such as Barefoot Venus.  Reflecting on her customers, Jane is so thankful for her loyal customer base.  Even her employees were first loyal customers before accepting a position at the store.

HortyGirl palm and marginata plant

La Belle Vie was one of the very first stores to carry the HortyGirl products, (we are extremely grateful!).  In some respects, HortyGirl and La Belle Vie have grown together.  Jane feels that it really adds to the look of the store by the live greenery.   “I love it. People love it – We get a lot of repeat customers”.  Jane also adds her own personal touch as well, packaging up our plants beautifully with tissue and ribbon.  She also used cute take-out boxes for other small items.   With the look of the new sand art designs, it really adds to the artistic look.  The beauty of HortyGirl is that people will think of you every time you look at the plant, and again, they think back to where they go it.

Our interview with Jane from La Belle Vie (right)

 La Belle Vie is open 7 days a week and is located at 5709 176th Street, Surrey, BC.  To get in contact with the store, their number is (778) 571-2442.  Thanks to Jane and her staff at La Belle Vie for letting us come down and hang out 🙂

Horty Girl’s Feature on IGA Langley (Thunderbird)

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

IGA Langley Thunderbird store
IGA Langley Thunderbird store

As a loyal and supportive retailer of Horty Girl, IGA Thunderbird is always stacked with Horty Girl products, offering a great selection to all of our loyal fans and new followers.  On February 24, 2011 Cheryl (Horty Girl’s owner) sat down with the owner (Charlie) of the Thunderbird Marketplace IGA Langley location and his managers in an attempt to capture what makes this store such a great place for customers to visit and shop.

IGA Thunderbird managers with Horty Girl plants

IGA Thunderbird managers with Horty Girl plants

The store, located on B101-20159 88th Avenue, Langley, BC, has been open for the past 4 years.  Owned and operated by Charlie Lee, this store offers its customers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where they can get all their shopping needs met.  The store even showcases the latest game or sporting event on their big screen televisions for the added convenience to its shoppers.  Charlie’s managers, Dan (Produce) and Mary (Floral) along with their co-workers, ensure their departments meet customer and store standards day in and day out.  Dan reports that presentation is an all day every day priority for his product department.  This Langley store has a great selection of products, offering a little bit of everything and include a wide range of organic items.  The staff believes that they offer great quality products at fair prices.

Charlie and his family has operated several Langley locations for many years, including a store front in Fort Langley, and they have always believed in supporting community efforts.  In fact, many of the products are ordered from local suppliers, carrying as much local product as possible.  The in-store manager’s specials are also a means of passing on greater supplier’s deals to customers, and keeping everything fresh.

IGA online and phone grocery order service with delivery

IGA online and phone grocery order service with delivery

A real example of Thunderbird IGA giving back to the community is their telephone and internet ordering system for sensiors and those unable to travel.  The delivery is offered free of charge to people who are unable to shop for their groceries personally.  Local volunteers, supported by the store, come in on Thursdays and Fridays to take phone orders and also do the personal shopping for each customer’s order.  Orders placed by noon on these two days will be delivered the same day.  If it isn’t Charlie delivering these orders personally in the company Cruiser, it will be Lloyd.  Lloyd is a 77 year old gentleman, who is loved by all who meet him. 

Charlie’s store also supports Langley Minor hockey events, the Jordan Owens Memorial Tournament, the Blue Wave Foundation, the Lions Club, Girl Guides and also many local schools and churches in the area. 

Here’s what Charlie and his managers had to say about their store and its staff members:

“I feel blessed to have this store and all its employees”
“We have a good team (working at IGA), working in a good (positive) environment”
“Lloyd…our regular delivery man…remains a valuble asset to the company and the community”
“Service is in our blood…we are here to serve the community”

IGA Thunderbird store showcase of floral products

IGA Thunderbird store showcase of floral products

IGA 87 – Thunderbird is open from 7am till 12am everyday.  For more information on store location, services and to find other locations near you, please check out

Horty Girl's owner and marketplace IGA Langley's managers

Horty Girl


Horty Girl would like to thank Charlie, Dan and Mary and their store team, for allowing Horty Girl to get to know our customer better, and for their extremely amazing support of our products over the past 3 years.  We wish you much continued success!!




Are you on Facebook?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Are you part of the social media craze? !

Horty Girl has officially launched its own Facebook page!

We will be offering pictures of our latest products, tips on how to take care of our plants, and from time to time, contests as well.

We would love to connect with you! Join us today on Facebook!

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