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Hi Hortygirl:

I didn't know that a plant existed that even I would be able to take care of, until I discovered a wonderful 'natural elements' product from HortyGirl. It only needs watering every three weeks (even I can do that), and it is presented so beautifully to everyone's admiration. The energy it brought into my office is simply amazing...and such a great conversation piece, too. And when I get overwhelmed, or stressed with work, I just look at the plant, sitting in all those gorgeous tumbled rocks, and read the message on the stone... it really calms me down and get me more grounded. Thank you, Cheryl, for your passion - it comes through your gorgeous products!

Zsoka Scurtescu

I love these plants!! I have one in my home and have had it for 3 years. It's an excellent and funky way to decorate and inspire in any type of space!


Here at Ideon Packaging, we like to recognize special occasions associated with our customers & partners. This includes birthdays, significant milestones etc.

We have always struggled to find unique & innovative gifts that we felt were appropriate for all ages and cultures etc. That has all changed since we started giving out "Live" plants from your company. The feedback has been awesome & we are very pleased.

People just love getting plants that are unique with sincere sayings that do not take up a lot of space.....and are easy to maintain. As you know, not everyone has a green thumb!

We look forward to many more WOW's from our customers as we provide your unique products.

Keep the great ideas coming!

Lee Barker, Ideon Packaging LLP

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