Anthuriums are a low maintenance plant for your home or office.   Also known as  Flamingo Flower, Lady Jane and Cotton Candy, Anthuriums have dark shiny green leaves with heart shaped flowered blooms in red, white or pink variations.

Anthuirum prefers bright indirect sunlight and require infrequent waterings. You may mist the plant with water on a weekly basis to keep up humidity levels but let the soil dry out between watering. Blooming Tip: Place your plant in the Southern light during the winter and East or Western light in the Spring and Summer and your plant should bloom all year long.

If you received a HortyGirl Anthurium in the tall rimmed glass, this plant can be watered with a minimal amount on a weekly basis as the roots of the plant are living in the top one third of the vase. It is best to water a small amount every week than a heavier infrequent amount.

Watering your HortyGirl Anthurium

One tell-tale sign your HortyGirl plant needs to be watered is that the leaves will start to drop down and lay flat.  To water your Anthurium, use a personal water bottle and pour a small amount of water directly at the base of the plant stems.

If you have a HortyGirl Smart Stick or a bamboo skewer, you can can use the HortyGirl SmartStick Method to check the soil moisture content.  This plant is considered to be in the LOW Maintenance category, please refer to the HortyGirl Plant Care Guide for exact water amounts.

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