On March 13, 2011 the clocks moved forward offering us the opportunitiy to enjoy the sun (and our day) a little bit longer. as the season transitions into Spring and Summer.

Although you may lose an hour of sleep, your plant(s) are gaining more exposure to light.  The soil will need to be checked more often for its water content and your plant will need more water than it did over the last few months.

To monitor and check your water levels, use the HORTY GIRL SMART STICK method.  A Smart Stick can be found with every Horty Girl plant.  Simply stick the Smart Stick into the soil near the base of the plant and put it out.  The end of the stick will indicate the soil’s moisture.  Based on each specific plant care instructions, water your plant accordingly.

The Plant Care Guide section, provide a detailed watering schedule with indications or tips on when your plant is thirsty.

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