Evergold Sedge (Carex hachijoensis ‘Evergold’) plant care

Evergold Sedge plant care plant maintenanace
Evergold Sedge plant care plant maintenanace

Evergold is a a cool-season grass that easily adds beauty to any patio, garden or indoor containers, with its height and sunny cream-colored striped leaves. This plant is very low maintenance and is perfect in containers, beds and borders! This Japanese sedge forms a low cascading clump of evergreen leathery leaves and has a gold colored stripe down the center and coffee-colored flowers in the spring.

Carex hachijoensis, a perennial type plant, prefers moist rich soil and light shade, but will also tolerate dry shade. This cool-season grass will typically get the most growth during the Spring and Fall season, when the temperature isn’t too hot.  During the Summer months, it will generally maintain a good color but won’t grow much in the heat.  You will want to cut back the Evergold Sedge in the early spring and leaving about 1/3 of the plant in place.  If you trim this cool-season grass too much, it can actually harm the plant.

If you choose to replant your Evergold Sedge, or transplant it into your garden, it is best to do so in the Springtime, as this is the time where they will get the most growth.

To check the water content of your Evergold Sedge, place the Horty Girl Smart Stick into the soil and pull out the stake.  Feel the stick to see if it feels moist – if it doesn’t, you will need to water it.

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