The key to indoor plant care – The HortyGirl “SMART STICK” Method

Horty Girl Smart Stick included with every tag
Horty Girl Smart Stick included with every tag

The key to a long and healthy plant life is water management.  Indoor plant care is very manageable with the most basic of information.

The HortyGirl ‘SMART STICK’ method is brilliant yet very simple and applies to all plants in all containers:
If in doubt as to whether your plant requires a watering, use our care tag stake to test for moisture.  Just as you would use a toothpick to check to see if your muffins are done; insert our plant care tag stake into the base of the plant stems.  Pull the stake out and either notice if any soil is clinging to the stake.  If soil clings to the stake, this is an indication there is moisture in the root zone.  Alternatively, feel the stake for moisture levels (dry, moist or wet).  Depending on the care for your particular plant, you can make a watering decision from there.

Light levels are the most relative factor associated with watering routines.  Plants do require varying water management in association with their unique characteristics but light levels are the most important factor.

As light levels increase and decrease; so should our watering routines.  The changing seasons require a little extra attention as this is when we need to retrain ourselves with our watering routines.  In general; plan to increase your watering in Spring then maintain this more frequent ‘summer routine’ until Fall when watering should be tapered off to a less frequent ‘winter routine’.

As a simple example for an average indoor plant; if you are watering once per week in Summer, your Winter watering will be reduced to once every 2 weeks.

Our indoor plant products in clear glass vases provide us with a ‘window’ of opportunity towards water management.

General Plant Care guidelines for glass vases with pebbles, sand, bark or decorative granules:

  • Resist any temptation to fill the vase with water
  • Water sparingly according to the label directions
  • Little to no water should remain in the bottom of the vase following watering.
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