The Bromeliad potted plant is an interesting and fascinating plant with its vibrant colourful foliage and unique characteristics.

Bromeliads are a diverse family of plants that come in over 3,000 different species in various shapes, sizes and colours and are scientifically known as Bromeliaceae. The most famous Bromeliad variety are pineapples. The common indoor house plant varieties are known as Guzmania, Aechmea, Vriesea, and Tillandsia (Air Plants). Under the right care, Bromeliad plants can grow all year and the vibrant flowers can last for months adding the perfect pop of tropical colour to your home or office.

If you’re a plant enthusiast or just curious about your Bromeliad potted plant and you’re looking to decorate your home or office with this attractive tropical plant, keep reading to learn fun facts and get some living decor ideas for the plant.

Bromeliad Potted Plant Fun Facts

The Origins Of the Bromeliad Potted Plant

Native to the Americas, Bromeliad plants are mainly found in tropical areas such as the Amazon, Central America and the Caribbean. It is believed that Belgian merchants brought Bromeliads back to Europe in the 18th century, and those plants were the foundation of the Bromeliad potted plants found today.

Symbolism of the Bromeliad Potted Plant

It is believed that the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans thought the Bromeliad was a gift from the gods, and utilized every part of the plant for food, shelter, fibres and ceremonies.

As an indoor houseplant, Bromeliads are known to symbolize “protection”, which is in reference to the plant’s features – the full lush foliage that surrounds the beautiful colourful blooms. Bromeliads are also believed to bring luck and positive energy into the living decor.

Bromeliad potted plant features from the Bromeliad potted plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog

Features of the Bromeliad Potted Plant

One of the main features of the Bromeliad potted plant is that they produce rosette-shaped leaves or bracts around a flower, which creates a central cup or a natural reservoir. In nature, this cup collects rainwater and debris, which provides an unique ecosystem in the plant. In fact, some frogs and insects actually depend on the plant’s water source to survive.

Another feature of the Bromeliad is that they are epiphytic, which means they grow on other plants, absorb nutrients and moisture from the air, and do not need soil. Moisture and nutrients are absorbed through tiny scales or hairs on their leaves called Trichomes.

Bromeliads also come in a wide variety of vibrant and lovely colours ranging from red, pink, yellow, orange to green and silver. In nature, Bromeliads actually use these colours to attract pollinators or for camouflage.

Bromeliad potted plant in living decor from the Bromeliad potted plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog

Top Living Decor Ideas for the Bromeliad Potted Plant

SInce Bromeliad potted plants are low maintenance and come in an array of stunningly beautiful colours, they have become a very popular houseplant, and will elevate the look and feel of any living decor.

One decorating idea for your Bromeliad potted plant is to add some tropical feel to your entryway by placing your plant on a shelf or bench in the entry hallway. This will make the entrance to your house, apartment or workspace bright and inviting for yourself and your guests, instantly boosting everyone’s moods and bringing positive energy into the space.

Alternatively, try placing your Bromeliad potted plant on your kitchen table or on your workspace desk to add a pop of colour and brilliance.

You can also try grouping a few Bromeliad potted plants together in an oblong container or in a single tapered container on your dining room table or coffee table incorporating colour and bringing a timeless and vibrant tropical feel to the space.

If you are feeling extra creative, try placing a variety of Bromeliad potted plants in a vertical plant form, which can be purchased or made by simply inserting the potted plants into the form, and hanging them like a painting on your living room wall.

When finding a place for this plant in your living decor, be sure to keep in mind the lighting requirements and temperature range of the plant.

Finishing Up

There are a wide variety of ways to decorate your home or office with this colourful and exotic indoor potted plant. Whether you buy the plant for yourself or as a gift for a loved one or a work colleague, this tropical plant will definitely make a lasting impression in any living decor.

You can find our Bromeliad potted plant at a local HortyGirl retailer near you. If you’re looking for plant care, read our Bromeliad potted plant top care tips blog.