How to Care for a Dracaena Marginata Plant aka Madagascar Dragon Tree

Dracaena Marginata plants, commonly known as Madagascar dragon trees make excellent office or houseplants with their ability to survive in low light conditions for decades.  Marginata’s plants have ribbon like leaves that are dark green with a thin marginata strip down the middle.

Horty Girl Marginata plant make cute office or kitchen decor
Horty Girl Marginata plant make cute office or kitchen decor

The Madagascar Dragon plant loves bright indirect sunlight but will live on low light conditions. Be careful, if the plant is placed in direct sunlight the leaves can actually become sunburned and will brown.

Watering tips?

Let the soil dry between watering so that it feels slightly moist.  Tell-tale signs it’s time to water? The Dracaena Marginata leaves will begin to droop and feel limp.  Your watering patterns should change with each season though, so in the winter and fall months, let the soil completely dry out before watering as they are receiving less light.

A FOOLPROOF METHOD TO WATER YOUR DRACAENA MARGINATA – use your Horty Girl Smart Stick, found with every plant and insert near the base of the plant, into the soil.  Pull out the Smart Stick and feel/notice if it is wet, moist or dry.  If it’s spring or summer, you want your stick to be slightly moist before watering.  If it’s the fall or winter months, you want the stick to be completely dry before watering.

Don’t worry if you underwater your Marginata, as it can last a little bit without having any serious effects of a drought.

Pesky friends?

Marginata can sometimes get spider bites, mealy bugs, and scale on their leaves.  If this occurs, mix up a soapy mixture and spray the plant twice a day until the bugs are gone.

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