1. Plants remove harmful air emissions from technology, plastics, rubber etc.
  2. Horty Girl Plants can reduce your stress of gift giving to your friends, family, employees, clients – they make the perfect gift for any occasion!
  3. If you are a plant “neglector” – You cannot kill your Horty Girl plant! (or at least, it’s very hard to kill them)
  4. Horty Girl plants are sustainable and eco-friendly.  You can recycle or reuse the ingredients if your plant should receive too much attention.
  5. Plants can make you happy, less stressed and enhance those creative juices.
  6. Horty Girl plants are neutral and fit well with any decor or color scheme.
  7. Horty Girl plants brighten up any cubicle, office or window sill at the workplace.
  8. Horty Girl offers new fresh ideas of plant decor every season.    every month or season to – you could collect them all.
  9. Horty Girl Staff wants you to enjoy all of the benefits our products have to offer – we provide detailed plant care instructions, answer any questions or comments you may have about your plants.
  10. Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving is coming…. have you started planning yet?

Why do you love Horty Girl plants?  We would love to hear from you!