Earlier in the month, we got to know the Areca Palm potted plant in our fun facts and decor ideas blog. Now it’s time to learn how to care for your Areca Palm potted plant.

Areca Palm potted plants are one of the favourite plants within the HortyGirl product line, as they have simple beautiful foliage that look a lot like bamboo and require minimal care. With its lush and narrow green leaves, the Areca Palm potted plant is a great starter plant for the first time plant owners and can last for many years under the right care and conditions.

Keep reading to get the top plant care tips for your Areca Palm potted plant.

Areca Palm Watering Care Tips

Between each watering period, the soil for your Areca Palm potted plant should be moist. Check your soil moisture using a wood or bamboo skewer. Insert the skewer into the base of the plant and pull it out. Check if the skewer is wet, moist or dry and water accordingly. If the skewer comes out dry, it’s definitely time to water your Areca Palm potted plant. If it comes out wet, check back in a few days.

Water your Areca Palm potted plant every 1 to 2 weeks in the spring and summer months. During the fall and winter months, space out your watering. To water, grab a ¼ cup of water and pour slowly at the base of the plant. Pouring slowly ensures you don’t overwater. Sometimes the soil may need less than ¼ cup of water. When watering, watch the bottom of the plant. The water shouldn’t pool at the bottom of the glass and should soak up reasonably quickly.

If you overwater your Areca Palm potted plant, you’ll notice the leaves turn yellow or brown, which may result in root rot. If you underwater the plant, you’ll notice the leaves get crispy and dry.

Areca Palms also like to be kept in humid conditions. You can simulate these conditions by misting your Areca Palm potted plant with water every couple days.

Areca Palm potted plant in bright indirect light from the Top Care Tips For the Areca Palm Potted Plant blog

Areca Palm Lighting Care Tips

Areca Palm potted plants prefer to be in bright indirect sunlight. Be careful with the amount of sunlight as bright direct sunlight can burn the leaves.

Place your Areca Palm potted plant in a spot where it will receive bright indirect light such as a few feet away from a southern, western or eastern facing window. If your window faces north, you can place the Areca Palm directly on the window sill.

Additionally, it is best to rotate your Areca Palm plant periodically to ensure even growth on all sides. Dusting the leaves on your Areca Palm potted plant often can also help bring more light to the plant.

Areca Palm Pests Care Tips

The Areca Palm plant can have issues with plant pests such as mealy bugs or scale, which can cause foliage damage and discolouration.

While dusting the leaves of your Areca Palm potted plant, check the undersides for pests. If you notice any pests on the leaves, spray the plant twice a day with a soapy mixture for about 2 weeks and it should disappear. Misting your plant frequently can also help with plant pests as they prefer dry conditions. If both solutions don’t work, it is best to find a stronger solution from your local nursery. Always read the label and check with staff from your local nursery for the right product for pests.

Areca Palm Fertilizing Care Tips

Indoor potted plants typically need to be fertilized in the growing period during spring and summer. From spring to early fall, it is best to fertilize your Areca Palm once a month with diluted fertilizer. When fertilizing, do not allow the solution to touch the leaves as this can burn them.

Check with your local nursery for a palm fertilizer. Before fertilizing, always read the label and follow dilution instructions on the label. If you just bought or received your Areca Palm potted plant, best to wait a few months before fertilizing.

Areca Palm Temperature Care Tips 

The ideal temperatures for the Areca Palm potted plant to grow is between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius and 23 degrees Celsius. Cold temperatures can slow the growth of your Areca Palm plant so best to place the plant in a spot away from drafts, air conditioners and sudden temperature drops.

If you notice dark spots on the leaves, it’s likely due to lower temperature exposure or dryness. Misting your Areca Palm potted plan can help increase humidity and decrease the dry spots.

Finishing Up

The Areca Palm potted plant is one of the most popular potted plants for the living decor because of its easy-care nature and attractive lush foliage.

By following our care tips above, your Areca Palm potted plant will thrive in your home or office throughout the year, and may even feature a dainty cluster of yellow flowers along the branches in the late spring or early summer.

If you like to learn more about the Areca Palm potted plants, check out our fun facts and decor ideas blog. For any further care questions, please contact us.