Coffee or “coffea arabica” plants are a perfect addition to any home, adding to the elegance of your home.  They are generous growers that can continue to grow for many years, reaching up to 15 feet or more.    This plant has glossy dark green leaves that have ruffled edge.  The coffee tree is actually a variety of a tropical evergreen shrub.

Caring for your coffea houseplant

Recently introduced in spring, this Horty Girl Natural Elements coffea arabica plant is fairly easy to take care of.  Coffea plants like filtered indirect bright sunlight, but they can also grow in less light as well.  Coffee plants are prone to whitefly, scale and mealy bugs. If you find these pests on your plants, spray a soapy mixture for 2 weeks.

After 3 or 4 years, this plant will begin to produce star-shaped white flowers that smell like jasmine.  These flowers are followed by green fruits that change to red then dark brown/black as they continue to ripen.  Inside the fruit, are two beans (or seeds) that can be roasted and ground up to make your morning cup of joe.

Watering your Coffee tree plant

When watering the coffea arabica plant, it is best to keep the soil moist but not soggy.  Use 1/3 of a cup of water, and pour near the base of the plant. Adjust your watering amounts as the months change.  One great thing about these plants is that the leaves are a big indication of when you need to water.  If it’s time, the leaves will become droopy.  See below for an example of the leaves drooping.   You can also mist your plant occasional with warm water and clean the leaves with a damp cloth.

watering coffee plant
Thirsty Plant

A FOOLPROOF METHOD TO WATER COFFEA ARABICA PLANTS, using a Horty Girl Smart Stick, place the Smart Stick into the soil and pull it out. Feel/notice if it feels dry, wet or moist – If the stick feels DRY, it’s time to water it.  You can also use a bamboo stick for the same effect. 

indoor coffee plant comparison

Can this plant make coffee beans?

Coffee tree flower
Coffea arabica plant flower


If you are patient, eventually this plant can produce coffee beans.  It typically takes 6 years for the plant to begin to produce fruit (or beans).  The coffee bean fruit appears in the summer.  Once the green shaped fruit turns to a dark brown, black color, it is ripe enough to pick.  Once you have harvested enough beans, you will then have to roast them.  There are many home type roasters out there, check out your local retailers or search on the Internet for your most convenient option.

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