In our fun facts blog earlier this month, you got to know your HortyGirl Lucky Jade Plant and got some great living decor ideas. Now it’s time to learn how to take care of your Lucky Jade Plant to keep them lucky and thriving as part of your home or office decor all year long. We went to our HortyGirl potted plant expert for top care tips for the Lucky Jade Plant. 

Lighting Care Tip

Caring for your Lucky Jade Plant is relatively easy and simple. First, you will need to know the plant’s specific requirements for lighting.

Lucky Jade Plants like moderate light, but will tolerate some direct sunlight. They will thrive in front of a south window, but will also do fine in front of an east window. If given some direct sunlight, they will flower.

Placing Your HortyGirl Lucky Jade potted plant in moderate light from the lucky jade plant care tip blog.

Watering Care Tip

Next, you will need to be aware of watering care requirements for your Lucky Jade Plant. Watering your Lucky Jade Plant can be quite tricky. You should only water when the soil feels completely dry and only water your Lucky Jade Plant 1/4 of a cup. An indication that your Lucky Jade Plant needs water is when the plump leaves won’t have that supple feeling and will look a bit wrinkled.  

A foolproof way to check the moisture of your Lucky Jade Plant and to find out when to water the plant  is to use a wood or bamboo skewer. Similar to baking, stick the skewer into the soil, wait a second and pull it out. If it comes out clean, then it’s time to water it. 

Be careful of the water amount while watering your Lucky Jade Plant. If you over water them, the plants can develop root rot where the stems will become soft and turn blackish. If you under-water them, the leaves can tend to droop.  If your plant does develop stem or root rot, you should remove those stems as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading to other healthy stems.

To learn more about watering your plants, please see our “How do I Know When to Water my Plants?” article.

Check Your Lucky Jade Plant for Mealy Bugs

Your Lucky Jade Plant may experience mealy bugs, which are common parasites on the stems and under leaves. Check your Lucky Jade Plant frequently. If you notice these bugs on the plant, spray the plant with a mixture of mild dish soap and water twice a day and it should get rid of them.  

Keep Your Lucky Jade Plant Dust-Free and Fresh

The same “spray” method as above, with a mixture of mild dish soap and water, can also be done if the leaves become dusty. It is best never to use any leaf shine or cleaner products since it will destroy the protective oil on the leaves. You can also place your Lucky Jade Plant outside in the rain on a mild day occasionally to help wash off any dust on the leaves and freshen up the foliage.

Propagating your HortyGirl Lucky Jade potted plant from the lucky jade plant care tip blog.

Finishing Up

Lucky Jade Plants are a great addition to your living decor and by following the above care tips, your Lucky Jade Plant will be healthy and thriving all year long.

If you love your Lucky Jade Plant and want to propagate the plant, place a single healthy leaf against the side of the container with its base just touching the top of the soil. Keep an eye on the leaf and only start watering when you see that the leaf is producing roots and a new plant is forming. Lucky Jade plants can also be produced from stem cuttings, which can be quite short. Allow the cut end to dry off for a couple of weeks and then pot up in dry-ish soil. After two to three weeks, a little water can be given.