The Jade Plant is commonly known as the Lucky Plant, Money Plant, Dollar Plant, Friendship Tree or Pink Joy and more technical – Crassula argentea. Jade plants are one of the most commonly grown houseplants worldwide and is native to South Africa and Mozambique. Its popularity comes from its classic elegance and beauty and its low-maintenance requirement.  It’s characterized by its plump, full leaves with a glossy appearance coming off of thick stems.

You may have purchased a HortyGirl Jade potted plant or are looking to purchase the plant for your living decor at your local HortyGirl retailer. Let’s dive deeper to learn some fun facts about your new or potentially new Jade Plant and get some living decor ideas for your home and/or office.

Delicate Jade Plant flowers from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.


Fun Facts About Jade Plant Features

Jade plants are a type of succulent with thick, shiny, smooth leaves that grow in opposing pairs along the branches and typically appear vibrant jade green or yellow-green. When exposed to lots of sunlight, some may develop a red tinge on the edges of the leaves. With the right care, attention and conditions, Jade Plants can even produce small, delicate white or pink, star-like flowers.

Jade Plants are a Good Luck Charm

In Asia, Jade Plants are a popular good luck charm believed to boost positive energy and finances. The vibrant green leaves of Jade Plants are known to closely resemble jade coins, a symbol for wealth and prosperity. Many business owners like to place a Jade Plant near the entrance of their restaurant or shop or in a southeast location to help bring prosperity and success to their business.


Place your Jade Plant on your desk for luck from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Best Living Decor Ideas for Your Jade Plant

According to Feng Shui, it’s best to place Jade Plants in east locations in your home for family harmony, health, initiation of projects and scholarly pursuits. For wealth and luck, place your Jade Plant in southeast locations. For creativity, best to place your Jade Plant in a west location, and for luck of mentors, teachers and helpful people, place in northwest locations.

A great spot for your Jade Plant is at the entrance of your house to invite and welcome good fortune in. Jade Plants also look great on your office desk or at the front of your office giving you that boost of luck and good fortune throughout your work day.

On the flip side, according to Feng Shui experts, there are locations in your home where you should not place your Jade Plant such as your bedroom and bathroom. From the scientific perspective, placing your Jade Plant in the bathroom or bedroom is actually good and helps purify the air. Depends if you believe in Feng Shui here.

Wherever you place your HortyGirl Jade Plant, it’ll also add a sense of beauty, nature and warmth to any location.

Finishing Up

There are so many fun facts and living decor ideas for Your HortyGirl Jade Plant. If you purchase a HortyGirl Jade Plant for yourself, may your Jade Plant bring you luck, good fortune and prosperity. If you purchase a HortyGirl Jade Plant for a friend and if it flowers, then it not only symbolizes luck, but also the joy of a great friendship between yourself and your friend.

If you’re wondering about plant care for your Jade Plant, learn more from our HortyGirl potted plant expert on our Lucky Jade Plant Top Care Tips Blog.