If you love nature and the outdoors, adding indoor potted plants is a great way to bring nature indoors, and can also brighten up any living decor space.

There are many other benefits to having plants in the office or the home as well. Plants can boost moods, add visual interest, purify the air we breathe and increase productivity. Imagine arriving at the office or waking up in the morning and seeing your live plants, and nature around you, on your desk or your living room. It is definitely a welcoming sight!

We’ve compiled a list of the top easy-care indoor potted plants that will look great in your living decor. Read on to learn more.

Grouping of easy-care plants from the Top Indoor Potted Plants for Living Decor blog

What To Look for in Plants

First, let’s uncover what to look for in a plant. The key is to select plants that are low maintenance, and fit the lighting in your home or office.

Lighting will vary within different living decor spaces; and from room to room. Start by thinking about the type of lighting in your home or office. If you are buying a plant as a gift for a loved one and you are unsure about the lighting in their space, best to get a plant that is hardy and can tolerate some bright light, but can also survive in low light conditions.

Some of our potted plants thrive in low light, and some of our potted plants are better in high light areas or in bright indirect light. Let’s dive deeper and learn the top indoor potted plants for living decor.

Top Potted Plants for Living Decor 

Zebra Haworthia

A great starter plant that can last a lifetime, and is low maintenance. Perfect for the office or home, and for those who are beginner plant owners or who have a busy-on-the-go lifestyle.

These succulents thrive on bright indirect light but can survive on not a lot of light. Give them six hours of light daily for excellent growth.

Zebra Haworthia easy-care plant from the Top Indoor Potted Plants for Living Decor blog

Jade Plants

Jade plants are known to bring good luck and prosperity, making them great in your office or home. Caring for them is relatively easy.

These plants like moderate light but can tolerate some direct sunlight. Place your Jade Plant using Feng Shui practices to bring energy and good fortune into your living decor.


Sansevieria plants are easy-care, tough, durable and retain water well. These plants like bright indirect light, but are adaptable and can survive in low light areas if necessary and even underwatering.

They are the perfect plant for the office, for those with busy schedules or for the beginner plant owners.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are a popular easy-care plant that is known for its leaves, which contain gel that some use to treat mild sunburns.

These plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. If grown indoors, place in bright indirect sunlight. If grown outdoors, plant your Aloe Vera next to other succulents with similar needs, and ensure your plant has six hours of sunlight with a shade break.


Philodendrons are a great easy-care plant for any living decor as the plant gives out signals when it needs more light or water.

They love bright indirect light. If leaves turn yellow, the plant is getting too much light. If stems are getting too long with space between leaves, then the plant needs more light. Additionally, if the leaves are drooping, it may need more or less water.

Air Plants

Air Plants add a unique look to your living decor, and are easy to care for. Since these plants do not require soil, and get water and nutrients from the air, they require a different kind of care.

Place them in bright indirect light, and water about once a week. To water, place your Air Plant in a sink or bowl with enough water to completely submerge them, and soak for 30-60 minutes. Once done, give them a gentle shake and place them upside down on a towel or a rack to dry. When they are completely dry, usually within 4 to 5 hours, place them back in their container.

Air plants and other easy-care plants from the Top Indoor Potted Plants for Living Decor blog.


Anthuriums are great low maintenance indoor potted plants. They have bright red, green and white colours, which makes them a beautiful addition to your home or office living decor.

If you take care of your Anthurium indoor potted plants, they can bloom for months at a time and you’ll be able to enjoy its colourful blooms year-round.

African Violet

The African Violet plant is a lovely addition to your living decor as they can have bright and vibrant blooms all year long under the right conditions. The blooms will boost moods, put a smile on your face and brighten up the living decor space.

These plants thrive in bright indirect light, and require water when the soil is dry. The plant will also give off signals to show when it needs water.  If the plant leaves look droopy, it is time to water your plant. If leaves look firm, crisp and shiny, the plant has enough water.

Finishing Up

There are many plant options that offer different looks for your living decor. In general, look for a low maintenance plant that fits the lighting in your office or home as well as your lifestyle. When selecting a plant, also consider if you want to add a bit of colour with vibrant blooms or simply add some greenery to your or your loved one’s living decor.

If you love these plants listed above, stop in a retail store near you to check out the HortyGirl indoor potted plants. If you’ve already purchased one of our indoor potted plants and you’re looking for care tips, find out the plant name by looking on the HortyGirl tag that came with the plant. Next, search for the plant name in our plant care blog. If you have more plant care questions or need help determining the plant name, please contact us.