In our fun facts blog, you got to know your HortyGirl African Violet indoor potted plant and got some great living decor ideas. Now it’s time to learn how to take care of your beautiful African Violet potted plant to keep it blooming all year long in your home or office decor.

African Violets are easy to care for if you follow the right steps. Under the right conditions, the African Violet blooms are bright and vibrant flowering all year round to brighten up your days.

We went to our HortyGirl potted plant expert for top care tips for the African Violet potted plant. Keep reading to find out more.

Lighting Care Tips

African Violet potted plants thrive in a spot with bright and indirect light. They cannot stand hot, direct sun as their leaves will be easily burnt by the intense sunlight. The  ideal temperature for African Violets to bloom is from 18 to 23 degrees celcius.

In the winter, best to place African Violets in south-, east- or west- facing windows. During  those cold winter nights, move the plants away from the glass to a spot remaining above around 15 degrees celsius. Once spring is here, move the plants to a cooler east- or even north- facing window. Remember to turn your African Violet potted plant one-quarter clockwise every few days to ensure all sides of the plants get light and the growth is the same all around.

If you don’t have a sunny location, try growing your African Violets under grow lights. Set bulbs about 12” to 15” above the plant and set a timer to 14 hours of light and around 10 hours of darkness each day.

Placing Your HortyGirl African Violet potted plant in bright indirect sunlight from the African Violet plant care tip blog

Watering Care Tips

Only water your African Violet when the soil is dry and do not over water your plant. If the plant leaves look droopy, dull or limp and the top soil is dry, it is time to water your African Violet potted plant. Leaves that look firm, crisp and shiny indicate the plant has enough water.

The best way to check if your African Violet plant needs water is to stick a bamboo or wood skewer into the soil, wait a second and pull it out. If it comes out clean and feels dry then it’s time to water your plant. To learn more, read our article ‘How do I Know When to Water my Plants?’

To water African Violets, use room-temperature tap water as cold water tends to shock the roots and cause leaf spots. Water your African Violet potted plant from the bottom or top pushing the water spout into the soil while watering, and allow the water to soak through the soil. Make sure the pot drains completely and don’t let the plant sit in water for more than 30 minutes. To avoid leaves from spotting, allow wet leaves to dry before putting plants back into the sunny window.

Spacing out your HortyGirl African Violet potted plant from the African Violet plant care tip blog.

Spacing and Fertilizing Care Tips

Spacing is important for your African Violets. Allow the plant to have enough room so that it doesn’t touch its neighbouring plants if you have them. Spacing plants out will help prevent any pests and diseases from spreading easily and allows for more uniform growth. If you want to prevent crowding in the pot and keep plants symmetrical, pinch off new plantlets that form on the stem.

If you want to promote constant flowering, try using liquid African Violet fertilizer at one-quarter strength every time you water. Then flush the soil with clear water to remove leftover fertilizer salts every 4 to 6 weeks. If your plant is wilted and dry, avoid fertilizing the plant and water your plant. Once the plant has rebounded, resume fertilizing.

Finishing Up

African Violets are easy to care for, and the blooms can last all year long adding some springtime colour to your home or office decor making them the perfect gift for yourself, friend or family member.

By following the above care tips, your HortyGirl African Violet potted plant will be healthy, blooming with beautiful flowers and thriving for many years. If you like more care tips or have any questions about your African Violet potted plant, please contact us.