It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about and purchasing holiday gifts for your friends and family. HortyGirl indoor potted plants are easy-care and make beautiful living decor accents, making them a thoughtful gift for any occasion including the upcoming holidays. 

With the wide variety of indoor potted plants in stores these days, it can be difficult to choose the best plants for gifts. To make things easier for you, we asked our HortyGirl indoor potted plant expert for the top indoor potted plants that make great holiday gifts and compiled them for you. 

Read on to learn more about our indoor potted plants and why plants make great holiday gifts. 

Giving a gift of an indoor potted plant from the Top Indoor Potted Plants That Make Great Gifts blog.

Why Indoor Potted Plants Make Great Gifts

First, let’s touch on the reasons why indoor potted plants make great gifts for your loved ones for any occasion, especially the holidays.  

Indoor Potted Plants are Easy-Care

HortyGirl indoor potted plants are both easy-care and low maintenance, making them perfect for any individual from the very beginner to the expert level plant fan. 

Taking care of our indoor potted plants is simple. First, determine what type of plant you received in our plant care blog. Second, give the plant the appropriate amount of light required for that type. Lastly, water your plant according to the  plant type requirements and soil preferences. Before watering your plants, you can always check the soil moisture level with our simple and affordable way – using a bamboo or wood skewer.  

Indoor Potted Plants are Unique and Beautiful

Our plants are not only easy-care, but they are also unique and beautiful additions to the holiday season decor. Our plants combine natural elements with elegant decor pieces in the latest designs and colours, making them perfect for anyone’s living decor. 

Each of our plants tells a beautiful story. Our plants are a reminder of the gift giver. They can also survive moving days to new homes or offices or moving across the country to a new city or can be passed down by generation. Plants can also be your constant companion while relaxing at home or working in your office. 

Relaxing with indoor potted plant gifts from the Top Indoor Potted Plants That Make Great Gifts blog.

Indoor Potted Plants Add Nature and Purify the Air 

Our indoor potted plants also make great gifts because they add nature, colour and style to any living decor. Plants can also act as a natural air purifier by removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.  

When you give a gift of a HortyGirl indoor potted plant, you’re giving a thoughtful gift of nature as well as helping to improve the air quality in the homes or offices of your loved ones or co-workers. 

Indoor Potted Plants Are Good For Mental Health

Lastly, indoor potted plants are also known to boost moods, increase motivation, and reduce stress. Indoor potted plants brighten up the ambience of any space with their natural beauty thus improving the moods of the plant owner. In addition, plants can add positive energy to the living decor, especially if placed in your home or office using Feng Shui practices. 

Jade Plant in holiday decor from the Top Indoor Potted Plants That Make Great Gifts blog.

Top Indoor Potted Plants That Make Great Gifts

Here are the top indoor potted plants that make great holiday gifts and the reasons why they are the best. 

Cypress Trees

Cypress trees are a popular hit every holiday season. They can be dressed up for the holidays to add joy and cheer to any living decor space. After the holidays, decorations can be removed and the tree can freshen up living decor every day. 

Jade Potted Plant

Jade Plants make great gifts as they are believed to bring good luck, as well as boost positive energy and finances. When you give a gift of a Jade Plant, you bring luck, good fortune and prosperity to the recipient. 

Calandiva plant in holiday decor from the Top Indoor Potted Plants That Make Great Gifts blog.

Calandiva Potted Plant

Calandivas have lovely long-lasting colourful blooms with flowers symbolizing persistence and eternal love. Giving a gift of Calandiva, you’re giving a gift of love to your friends and family.

Assorted Succulent Potted Plants

Succulents are diverse and resilient. They are also a popular house plant that make great gifts for loved ones as they are easy to care for and add festive natural beauty to any living decor. 

Finishing Up

Everyone has a living decor space, whether it is an office or home, adding plants can not only brighten up the space, but also offer many other benefits. Plants make wonderful gifts for friends, family or work colleagues for any occasion, not only the holidays. It is also a gift that keeps on giving. Every time the recipient sees the plant in their home or office, they’ll think back to your thoughtful gift giving. 

Be sure to add our plants to your gift idea list this holiday season. While you’re out holiday shopping this December, stop in at a retail store near you, and look out for the HortyGirl indoor potted plants we’ve listed in this blog post. 

For plant care tips to keep plants thriving even after the holidays, contact us or visit our plant care blog.