Native to America, Northern Mexico, Northern Argentina and parts of the Caribbean, the Anthurium indoor potted plant has over 1,000 species and is also known as Flamingo Flower, Lady Jane or Cotton Candy. Due to its minimal care needs and its beautiful bright tropical flowers, Anthurium is a popular indoor potted plant for a beginner plant owner as well as the seasoned plant lover.

You may have purchased a HortyGirl Anthurium potted plant at your local HortyGirl retailer or received the plant as a gift from a loved one.

Let’s learn some plant fun facts about your Anthurium potted plant, and get some living decor ideas for your home or office from our HortyGirl potted plant expert.

Close up of the Anthurium plant features from the Anthurium potted plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog

Fun Facts About Anthurium Potted Plants

The Origins Of Anthurium Potted Plants

The name Anthurium is derived from two Greek words – oura and anthos. Oura means tail and anthos means flowers. The literal translation is flowering tail, which is a very fitting name considering the appearance and features of the plant.

Features of the Anthurium Potted Plant

Anthuriums have unique heart-shaped leaves that come in a variety of colours from burgundy, chocolate, red, green, pink and white. The colourful heart-shaped leaves may look like the plant’s flowers, but in reality, they are not the flowers.

The heart is known as the “spathe”, a shield-like leaf that protects the actual tiny flowers while growing. The flower or the “spadix” is the long bump or tail in the middle of the leaf. Thus the translation “flowering tail” fits the features of the Anthurium potted plant.

Symbolic Meaning of Anthurium Potted Plants

This tropical plant is believed to symbolize happiness, love, abundance and hospitality.

Anthurium potted plants with red flowers are known to symbolize love and passion making them great gifts for anniversaries. The red Anthurium is also one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. With Valentine’s Day coming up next month, keep an eye out in retail stores near you for our Anthurium potted plant with a dangling heart.

The pink Anthuriums represent motherly love, compassion and femininity, which makes them a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

The white anthurium flowers are known to symbolize innocence and purity.

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Top Living Decor Ideas for Anthurium Potted Plants

Since Anthuriums have an open growing pattern and are known to symbolize hospitality, the entry hallway decor is a great location for the potted plants. In the entry hallway location, the Anthurium’s colourful and unique heart-shaped leaves can also make a positive first impression on guests entering the house.

With its wide variety of colours, there’s a good chance that the Anthurium potted plant can be matched with other accents in your home or office. Create a centerpiece in your kitchen with an Anthurium potted plant and match up your kitchen accent colours or brighten up your office space with a grouping of Anthurium potted plants on a bookshelf.

Anthuriums are tropical plants that thrive in humidity thus bathrooms are the perfect spot to showcase your Anthurium potted plant. Place the plant in a decorative tray on a shelf and create a little tropical oasis in your bathroom.

When selecting a room for your Anthurium potted plant, keep in mind what the plant requires to thrive. Since Anthuriums love bright indirect light and warm temperatures, it is best to place your plant near a southern or eastern window in your home or office, and away from any drafts.

Finishing Up

There are many fun facts and living decor ideas for your HortyGirl Anthurium potted plant. With the right care and attention, the Anthurium can bloom its colourful flowers for months at a time, which makes them perfect for your living decor or gifts for your loved ones.

If you’re wondering about plant care for your HortyGirl Anthurium potted plant, learn more from our HortyGirl potted plant expert in our Anthurium Plant Care TIps Blog.