A Sansevieria, also known as a “Snake Plant” is a great indoor potted plant for your home or office as it will even grow in conditions of low light or under watering. This plant is perfect if you have a very busy schedule, or have never had a plant before.

You may have purchased a HortyGirl Sansevieria potted plant or received the plant as a gift for your living decor at your local HortyGirl retailer. Let’s learn some plant fun facts about your Sansevieria potted plant and get some living decor ideas for your home or office from our HortyGirl potted plant expert.

Tall beautiful Sansevieria leaves from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Fun Facts About Sansevieria Potted Plants

Originating from West Africa, the scientific name of the Sansevieria plant is Sansevieria Trifasciata. The second word, Trifasciata means “marked with three bands,” which is another way of saying the plant leaves have different coloured streaks.

Sansevierias have beautiful tall and narrow leaves that are sturdy, stiff and very pointy. The leaves can vary in colour from pale to dark green, green edged with yellow or light green and yellow. As the Sansevieria plant matures, the plant can even produce little delicate flower spikes in a pale green or yellowish color. This flowering is very unpredictable, and some plants may never flower.

In African culture, Sansevierias are known to provide spiritual protection and in Chinese culture, these plants are believed to bring prosperity and long life to the caretaker.

Place your Sansevieria potted plant with other plants from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Top Living Decor Ideas for Sansevieria Potted Plants

Sansevieria plants like bright, indirect sunlight but can adapt to low light areas and require little attention, allowing them to be perfect for your office or home decor. These plants can compliment any style of living decor, and also look great in any arrangement with other plants.

If you’re looking for plants to pair with your Sansevieria potted plant, mini succulents in a cactus-shaped box pair well with the tall leaves from the Sansevieria plant. For a stylish look in your home, you could also grow multiple plants in different style pots and place them in a nice arrangement in a spot with indirect sunlight.

For smaller Sansevieria plants, place them on a round-style side table in your living room or on your office desk to add beauty and nature. Once your Sansevieria plant grows taller, it can fill up an empty space in the corner of your living room, office or your bedroom adding character and purifying the air.

Finishing Up

There are many fun facts and living decor ideas for your HortyGirl Sansevieria potted plant. Your Sansevieria plant is perfect for any indoor setting. Wherever you decide to place your Sansevieria plant, keep in mind, it’ll have to be a space with bright, indirect sunlight.

If you’re wondering about plant care for your HortyGirl Sansevieria potted plant, learn more from our HortyGirl potted plant expert on our Sansevieria Plant Care TIps Blog.