Winter is in full swing! The days are shorter, and the nights are longer, reducing the amount of natural light in offices and homes, which can decrease productivity levels and lower our moods. Elevate both by adding indoor potted plants, especially low light varieties, to your living decor.

Whether you’re facing seasonal shifts or perpetually dark spaces in your home or office, low light indoor potted plants are a great option, offering a perfect solution to brighten up your winter decor or dimly lit rooms.

Keep reading to explore HortyGirl potted plant expert’s recommendations for top low light indoor potted plants.

Sansevieria indoor potted plant from the Top Low Light Indoor Potted Plants blog.

Why Choose Low Light Indoor Potted Plants

Opting for low light indoor potted plants has numerous advantages. These plants are both resilient and adaptable, thriving in environments with limited natural light, making them well-suited for the winter months and for spaces with minimal windows. Their low-maintenance nature also allows them to endure less watering, offering an easy-care option as compared to high light indoor potted plants.

With a diverse range of shapes, sizes and types, low light indoor potted plants provide versatility to align with a variety of aesthetic preferences and space constraints. Regardless of the season, low light indoor potted plants have a year-round appeal, adding consistent beauty to your living decor.

Beyond aesthetics, low light indoor potted plants can boost your mood, which can enhance the overall ambiance of any room. Additionally, certain low light indoor potted plants, such as Sansevierias, can also purify the air, improving the indoor air quality in your home or workspace.

Ultimately, choosing low light indoor potted plants enables you to enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature indoors, even in the dark winter months and in spaces where natural light is limited.

How to Choose Low Light Indoor Potted Plants

First, assess the conditions of your living decor, especially the light levels, recognizing that low light areas often receive minimal direct sunlight or are shaded. Also, take into account temperature and humidity in your living decor, as some low light indoor potted plants may have specific preferences.

Second, consider the space in your living decor, opting for a plant type and size that complements and fits the designated area, whether it’s a small desk or a corner in a larger room.

Next, check your commitment to plant care as low light indoor potted plants are generally easy-care, but it’s important to be aware of specific watering, temperature or humidity needs.

Finally, think about the purpose of the indoor potted plant, whether it’s for decorative foliage, air purification, or both, keeping in mind that different low light indoor potted plants can serve various functions.

Before purchasing a low light indoor potted plant, best to research the options exploring their characteristics, care requirements, and potential benefits. Then align your choice with aesthetic preferences, as low light indoor potted plants come in diverse shapes, sizes, and leaf patterns.

Philodendron indoor potted plant from the Top Low Light Indoor Potted Plants blog.

Top Low Light Indoor Potted Plants

Here are some top low light indoor potted plant options that are both easy-care and ideal for spaces with minimal light:

Sansevieria Potted Plants

Commonly referred to as Snake Plants, Sansevieria potted plants are very hardy, thriving in low light conditions. Sansevierias have beautiful tall narrow leaves that are sturdy, stiff and pointy. The colour of the foliage varies from pale to dark green, green edged with yellow or light green and yellow.

Philodendron Potted Plants

There are many varieties of Philodendrons that can tolerate low light. The HortyGirl Philodendron Potted Plant is the most popular choice due to its lovely heart-shaped leaves. Philodendrons also have the ability to remove pollutants and purify the air in any indoor space.

African Violet Potted Plant

The African Violet potted plants can add a splash of color to your indoor space with its colourful blooms ranging from purple, blue, pink, red, bi-colours and white. African Violets prefer indirect light and can do well in low light conditions.

Peace Lily Potted Plant

Peace Lily potted plants are known for their lush green leaves and their elegant white blooms that rebloom throughout the year. They are great for improving air quality indoors and can thrive in low light conditions, but may produce fewer flowers in such environments.

Finishing Up

There is a wide variety of low light indoor potted plants, each with its unique appeal suited to factors like aesthetics, room size, and intended purpose in your living decor. Ideal for the winter months or dimly lit spaces, low light indoor potted plants not only bring vibrancy to dark spaces, but also enhance the mood and ambiance with their touch of green beauty.

If you love our indoor potted plants listed above, stop in at a retail store near you to find our plants. If you’re looking for indoor potted plant care tips, find the plant name on the HortyGirl tag. Next, search for the name in our plant care blog. If you have more plant care questions or need help determining the plant name, please contact us.