Summer is finally here. With the arrival of the warm temperatures and sunshine, it’s time to elevate your indoor and outdoor living decor with indoor potted plants. There are many benefits to decorating with indoor potted plants. Plants can help beautify your home or office, reduce stress, increase productivity and purify the air we breathe.

Decorating your indoor or outdoor living decor with potted plants can sometimes be daunting. A good idea is to start with one or two easy-care indoor potted plants on a side table and then grow your indoor potted plant garden from there. Our HortyGirl potted plant expert has more ideas and tips on how to elevate your summer living decor with indoor potted plants. Keep reading to learn more.

Check Indoor Potted Plant Type and Lighting Care

Before decorating your living decor inside and outside with potted plants, it’s best to check the type of plant and the lighting requirements for each plant. All plants thrive on different lighting. Here are the more common and popular HortyGirl indoor potted plants and their lighting requirements: 

Zebra Haworthia
Thrives on bright indirect light and needs at least 6 hours per day of light.

Jade Plants
Tolerates some direct sunlight but mainly likes moderate light and requires at least 4 hours per day of light

Place in a bright area where there is indirect light. A few hours of direct sunlight in the mornings is fine. Always transition the plant slowly from a low light area to direct sunlight area to avoid shocking the plant. 

Aloe Vera
Can be placed indoors or outdoors. Likes bright indirect light and needs 6 hours of sunlight with a shade break in the afternoon if placed outdoors. 

Thrives in bright and indirect light. Avoid placing the plant in harsh direct sunlight. 

Air Plants
Requires bright indirect light to thrive. Avoid placing in direct sunlight. 

Indoor potted plants outside from the How to Elevate Your Summer Living Decor blog

Gradually Transition Indoor Potted Plants Outside

Many indoor potted plants can go outside and enjoy the fresh air in the summer months. Some types of plants that can go outside are succulents, sansevierias, jade, aloe vera and air plants. If you’re thinking of placing plants outside on your deck or patio, it’s a good idea to check if they can go outside and gradually transition your plants outside

Start by placing your plants in a shady area for an hour or two on the first day and slowly increase the amount of time your plants spend outside over the next 7-10 days. 

Morning sun is less intense and fine for most plants, but only for a short period of time. For plants that prefer bright indirect light, best to move the plant into the shade after 10am. 

Also you may want to bring plants inside overnight as the decrease in temperature may be too cold for some indoor potted plants. Check the plant type and temperatures in our plant care blog.  

Summer Decoration Tips For Indoor Potted Plants

Create Feng Shui with Your Indoor Potted Plants

Creating good Feng Shui energy in our living decor brings balance and harmony allowing us to thrive and feel our best every day. When thinking about summer decor, consider creating Feng Shui with your indoor potted plants. 

The Jade Plant  is a great plant for Feng Shui as it is believed to bring good health, wealth and happiness. To bring this belief into your living decor, place your Jade Plant in an entryway. 

Placing indoor potted plants in an odd number arrangement from the How to Elevate Your Summer Living Decor blog

Arrange Indoor Potted Plants in a group of odd numbers

When you arrange indoor potted plants in an odd number, it gives your living decor a more casual and interesting look. Try arranging plants in a grouping of 3 or 5 pots to give an eye-catching display on your patio table or on a coffee table. Arranging your potted plants in an even number grouping is possible, but results in a more formal and symmetrical look. 

Choose Plants in Different Sizes, Colours and Textures

When arranging in a group, another great idea is to choose plants that are different sizes and textures, but with similar lighting requirements. For example, you could choose different size and texture succulents such as a Zebra Haworthia, Jade plant and an Echeveria, to place together in a group.

To add color, try adding a Calandiva plant to your living decor. Calandiva plants have lovely blooms in a wide variety of colors and can last 6-10 weeks then can rebloom again the next season under the right care and attention. 

Additionally, you can also consider the leaf size of the plant when decorating your home or office. Choose plants that may grow larger or are trailing plants such as philodendrons or the Million Hearts plants.

Watering and Other Summer Care Tips For Indoor Potted Plants

No matter how and where you place your indoor potted plants, taking care of them is also important, especially watering them. Before watering your plant, check the soil moisture of your plants using a bamboo or wood skewer and adjust the watering schedule accordingly. 

In the summer, dust can also gather on the leaves preventing light from getting to the plant. Use a clean damp cloth with warm water and gently wipe off any dust from the leaves of your plant. 


We hope the tips and ideas in our blog inspire you to decorate indoors and outdoors with indoor potted plants this summer. Plants are always a great addition to your living decor bringing the freshness of nature indoors and giving you a lovely indoor garden to take care of all year long. If you’re looking for general plant care tips and more living decor ideas, look on the HortyGirl tag that came with the plant and find the name of your potted plant. Next, look up the plant name and find plant care tips and living decor ideas on our blog.