Succulents are a popular small houseplant that make great gifts for loved ones as they are easy to care for and add a touch of natural and festive beauty to the home or office.

You may have purchased a HortyGirl Succulent potted plant for your living decor at your local HortyGirl retailer or received the plant as a gift from a loved one, and want to learn more about your plant and where to place it in your living decor.

We went to our HoryGirl potted plant expert to get some Succulent plant fun facts and living decor ideas for your home or office. Read on to learn more.

Succulent potted plants in living decor from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Fun Facts About Succulent Potted Plants

Origins of the Succulent Potted Plant

Originating from dry, hot areas of the world, succulents get their name from the Latin word “sucus”  which means sap or juice, and from their thick, sap-filled leaves. The sap in the plant leaves help provide nourishment, reducing their need for fertilizer and water.

Features of the Succulent Potted Plant

Due to the waxy, chalky substance coating on the leaves, succulents have built in natural protection from the sun, excess water, and harmful pests, making them very resilient and durable.

Succulents are also found in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some popular colours are red, green, light purple, maroon, pink hues and blue-green. Succulent plant colours can change depending on the amount of sunlight, amount of water they are getting or the temperature they are in.

The Meaning of Succulent Potted Plants

In general, Succulents symbolize tenacity, strength and selfless love. Succulents make a great gift to represent unconditional love.

In many cultures, succulents hold different meanings. In Chinese culture, succulents are believed to bring good fortune and protect the owner from evil. In Japanese culture, people give succulents to others to reveal their love.

Succulent potted plant arrangement from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Top Living Decor Ideas for Succulent Potted Plants

Succulents come in a variety of sizes and colours making them perfect for the living decor. Add natural beauty and a fresh look to your dining table by arranging five to six succulent potted plants of various colours as the centrepiece in the middle of the table.

Alternatively, you could buy a Succulent plant and place it on your bedside table beside family photos to brighten up your bedroom. For a design feature idea, try creating a cute corner grouping of succulents in your home, or office, on a bookshelf, or pair your succulent with books and scented candles. A non-south facing window sill is also a great place for a grouping of succulents.

You can even wear your succulent as jewelry. In the last few years, many plant lovers have worn succulents on bracelets, necklaces or earrings and even hair pieces. After a week or two of wearing the succulent, simply detach it and plant into a new pot.

Finishing Up

There are many fun facts and living decor ideas for your HortyGirl Succulent potted plant. Succulents are diverse, resilient, and can also add visual beauty, colour and life to your living decor all year round.

If you’re wondering about plant care for your HortyGirl Succulent potted plant, learn more from our HortyGirl potted plant expert on our Succulent Plant Care TIps Blog.