Seasons are changing, leaves are starting to turn vibrant colours and autumn is almost here. Fall is all about slowing down, transitioning from the outdoors to the indoors and creating a cozy indoor space mixing together warmer, richer colours with a few fall accents in a variety of textures. 

A great time to start decorating for the fall could be right now – early September or whenever the weather cools down a bit. Whenever you start decorating, it’s easy to add a touch of fall style to your living decor and indoor potted plants are a great way to do just that. 

Read on to get some tips and ideas on how to style your fall living decor with some our elegant easy-care live indoor potted plants. 

Determine What Type of Indoor Potted Plant

Before styling your house or office with plants, it’s a good idea to figure out what type of indoor potted plant you bought or received as a gift. That way you can determine what lighting the indoor potted plant requires and where you can place the plant. You can also look for low-maintenance indoor potted plants that are hardy and easy to love such as a zebra haworthia or other types of succulents. 

This fall we have some stylish fall-themed indoor potted plants arriving in the next few weeks at a retailer near you. If you’ve received one of our indoor potted plants as a gift or purchased one from your local retailer, check out our plant care blog to determine the type of plant or send us an email and ask us anytime.

Place your HortyGirl hanging globe succulent on a side table in your living room

Fall Living Decor Ideas with Indoor Potted Plants

Start with the Fall Living Decor Trends

Let’s start by exploring some fall living decor trends. This year’s fall home decor trends are creating interesting shapes for visual interest, using warm neutral tones, natural wood finishings and luxurious textures. For example, woven chairs can be paired with warm earthy tone linen, and complemented with a fall-themed indoor potted plant such as our burlap wrapped glass with a succulent.

When you start decorating for the fall, think overall how you can incorporate trends into your own living decor that reflects you and what you love in your home or office. 

Mix in Colours and Tones with Indoor Potted Plants

When decorating for the fall, you could also consider the colours trends for fall 2022, which are a wide range of earthy, nature-inspired tones in tans, warm browns and deep lush green colours. Pair these colours with some of our fall-theme unique indoor potted plants and you’ve got a great autumn look for your home or office. 

You can also consider the Pantone colour for 2022, which is very peri and think about how you can incorporate the tones into your living decor. You could try placing a very peri colour throw cushion amongst other neutral colour cushions on a tan couch with our hanging globe  succulent on a side table.

Place your HortyGirl hanging globe succulent on a side table in your living room

Find A Location For Your Indoor Potted Plants

Once you determine the type of plant and consider how colours can mix with your indoor potted plants, find a location and start placing your indoor potted plants in your home or office. 

A great place to start is your dining room. You could surround the seating area and dress up your dining table with a grouping of succulents to create a focal point. In the office space, you could place an arrangement of succulents on the side of the reception desk, in the middle of the lunch room table or on the meeting room table. 

Another place to consider is your living room. Try placing a row of every day plants such as succulents in fun ceramic pots along your living room window sill. If you have an office with windows, try placing 2 or 3 succulents along the window sill to help you feel relaxed and close to nature while working.

If you have a large living room or a large office with a bare corner, try placing a philodendron on a stand or on the floor to brighten up and add nature to that corner.

Placing your plants vertically along a shelf or hanging them from a wall are also two great locations. Try placing one of our hanging planters with assorted succulents on a shelf or hang from the ceiling wall over a window sill. 

If you’ve got an entryway in your home or office, try placing a Sansevieria plant to add a splash of green contrast to the space. Those plants may be smaller when you receive it, but can grow slowly to the height of 3 to 4 feet. You could place the Sansevieria plant on a stand in the entryway first then once it grows taller, repot and place it on the floor in a corner near the entryway door. 

In the kitchen window sill, try placing a row of small jade plants or even a couple of air plants in ceramic green, yellow, orange and dark red pumpkins to brighten up those fall cold days. 

HortyGirl pumpkin indoor air plants are a great addition to your living decor this fall

Finishing Up

There are many ways to decorate your living decor this fall. Indoor potted plants are a great way to add contrast, texture and colour to your own style. In the next few weeks, stop by your local retailer to pick up your HortyGirl fall themed indoor potted plants, check out our plant care blog or contact us to determine your type of indoor potted plant and turn your summer style into fall cozy times in your living decor.