Air plants are lovely yet unique in their own way, and are full of personality due to their quirky appearance. Air plants are great for those living in small spaces or for those lacking a green thumb as they are small in size and require minimal upkeep.

You may have purchased a HortyGirl Air Plant for your living decor at your local HortyGirl retailer or received the plant as a gift from your partner,  friend or family member, and want to learn more about your plant and where to place it in your living decor.

We went to our HoryGirl potted plant expert to learn some interesting Air Plant fun facts and stylish living decor ideas for your home or office. Read on to learn more.

Air potted plant in living decor from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Fun Facts About Air Plants


Part of the Tillandsia family, Air Plants have more than 500 varieties around the world, and are native to tropical areas such as the West Indies, Mexico and much of Central America and South America. Surprisingly, the closest and most famous relative to Air Plants is a pineapple.


Air plants live without soil and are free from the constraints of roots. An air plant is known as an epiphyte, which means they attach themselves to things such as rocks, trees and structures indoors or outdoors, but do not feed off those things for survival. Air Plants actually have little hairs or scales on their leaves called Trichomes, that act as little reservoirs and absorb water and nutrients from the air.

Air plants usually have slender triangle-shaped leaves that grow in a rosette pattern with new growth appearing from the centre. Most Air Plant species can bloom turning red and producing yellow-purple tubular or funnel shaped flowers during their blooming cycle in spring and summer time. After Air Plants flower, they can produce pups, a little offset that can be removed and placed in another container as a new air plant or left with its parent to create a little cluster.

Air potted plant display from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Stylish Living Decor Ideas for Air Plants

Since Air Plants do not need soil to grow, they are quite versatile and can be displayed in many stylish and fun creative ways. Air plants look great by themselves on a bookshelf, on a desk in your office, on a living room side table or even suspended from the ceiling or window frame in a glass globe.

Air Plants also look good with several varieties displayed together in a group. To create a group display, you can even recycle and repurpose old glass drinkware by placing air plants in them and grouping them along a window sill that offers bright indirect light but not direct sunlight. You could also create an air plant grouping display in a shelf cubby in the brightest room in your house and on a wall directly across from a south-facing sliding glass door.

Air Plants can also be placed in glass terrariums or globes in a beach theme with some sand and shells, and perhaps even add a flamingo to the air plant globe for a fun tropical flair. Another way to display Air Plants is to make a wreath with various air plants and evergreen branches and hang it on your wall in the office or in the living room adding a unique touch of nature to your wall decor.

Finishing Up

There are many interesting fun facts and creative living decor ideas for your HortyGirl Air Plant. With a little effort and minimal upkeep, Air Plants add personality to any space and create a charming yet unique natural green look in your living decor.

If you’re wondering about plant care for your HortyGirl Air Plant, learn more from our HortyGirl potted plant expert on our Air Plant Care Tips Blog.