A Calandiva is a variety of Kalanchoe and belongs to the Crassulaceae family of flowers. Developed in the Netherlands, Calandivas are originally from the tropics in Asia, Africa and Madagascar. They are also one of the most popular living decor gift plants because they are low maintenance and have lovely colourful double flowers.

You may have purchased a HortyGirl Calandiva potted plant for your living decor at your local HortyGirl retailer or received the plant as a gift from your friend or family member. Let’s learn some plant fun facts about your Calandiva potted plant and get some living decor ideas for your home or office from our HortyGirl potted plant expert.

The bright flower of a Calandiva potted plant from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Fun Facts About Calandiva Potted Plants

Calandivas have lovely blooms that grow as double flowers in a wide variety of colors, and can last 6-10 weeks then can rebloom again during the next season with the right care and attention. Since it has this endurance during the flowering season, the flower is known to represent a symbol of persistence and eternal love. The blooming season typically starts late winter into the spring and the flower heads on the blossoms come in varying shades of Orange, Pink, Yellow, Red and White.

During Chinese New Year celebrations, Calandivas are a popular plant to have around in your home or office as it is known to also bring wealth and prosperity.

Beautiful flowering Calandiva potted plants from the plant fun facts and living decor ideas blog.

Top Living Decor Ideas for Calandiva Potted Plants

Calandiva plants like bright, indirect sunlight. In the summer, a great place for the plant is an east or west facing window sill and in the winter, place it in a south facing window.

With its colourful flowers, Calandivas are the perfect fit for your indoor living decor. Brighten up your office desk, coffee table or dining room table with a Calandiva potted plant arrangement or a single Calandiva plant, but keep in mind the type of light the plant will get in that spot.

Flower colours of the Calandiva plant can affect your mood and the mood in your living decor. For an energy boost, place a red flowering Calandiva potted plant in your work space. To boost your mood and make you feel happy, try placing a yellow flowering Calandiva potted plant in your home or on your office desk. For a peaceful and calming sanctuary, add a pink flowering Calandive potted plant to your living decor. If you want to spark your inner creativity and bring a pop of joy to the room, place a bright magenta flowering Calandiva potted plant in your workspace.

Wherever you place your Calandiva potted plant, it will add a tropical and cheerful springtime feel to your living decor, and purify the indoor air.

Finishing Up

There are many fun facts and living decor ideas for your HortyGirl Calandiva potted plant. This lovely plant has long lasting colourful blooms which makes it the perfect gift for yourself, your friend or family member and you can even find one that matches an indoor living space easily.

If you’re wondering about plant care for your HortyGirl Calandiva potted plant, learn more from our HortyGirl potted plant expert on our Calandiva Plant Care TIps Blog.