One of our customers recently emailed us about repotting the sanseveria babies that are growing from her plant. Since the sansevieria plant does grow quite fast, we wanted to share the plant care tips with you!


Hi, I have had one of your 5″ pots for quite some time now, and the plant is actually thriving (I do NOT have a green thumb, so that’s something!)  The tag says “succulent” and it looks quite a bit like the “sansevieria” shown on your website, except that the stripes go from the roots to the tip of the leaves.  Anyway, I am so pleased that there are now three good-sized “babies” in addition to the original plant, and I am wondering if I should split them up into separate containers?  If so, can you please give me detailed instructions as I am pretty inept when it comes to plants!

Just wanting to make sure that the whole little family stays healthy!  Thanks for your help!


Hi Barb!

 You made a wise choice for a plant!  It does sound like you have a Sansevieria and they are pretty forgiving of those without green thumbs.
 The babies can certainly come off and be potted up without too much trouble.  You will likely upset the look of your container when you do this though.
 You could leave it until it looks like it is bursting.  If you pull it apart late Summer then divide up the plants into other containers, they should root nicely over Fall and winter as long as you do not overwater them.  Best to keep them on the dry side while rooting especially.

 When you pull the plants apart – try to get a little bit of root with each shoot.  

sansevieria rooting

You can put the main plant back in to your glass container but you may not end up with the same clean look. You can always dump out the contents of the container completely, wash the container and the rocks (you can use a kitchen strainer for the rocks) then put just the plant and the rocks back in (and add a few stones to the top to fill up the container).
Congratulations on your success!  We are always pleased to hear of stories such as yours.
Still have questions?! Check out the sanseveria plant care instructions here or send us an email to [email protected]