The Pachira is also known as the Money Tree or Pachira aquatica.  It has a thin trunk that is often braided to add to its unique look, with 5 bright green leaflets.  According to feng shui, the pachira money tree is said to bring good luck and good fortune.  The hardy Pachira can be grown indoors or outdoors, and will range in size depending on environment.

The Money tree likes bright indirect light, with a combination of both hours of shade and sunlight.  Careful not to expose to direct sunlight as the leaves may begin to burn.  For watering your pachira money tree plant, you should let the soil dry between waterings.  The plant would fall into the low maintenance plant category, very similar to a Marginata plant care – you can follow those directions here.

A FOOLPROOF METHOD TO WATER PACHIRA MONEY TREE PLANTS, using a Horty Girl Smart Stick, place the Smart Stick into the soil and pull it out. Feel/notice if it feels dry, wet or moist – If the stick feels DRY, it’s time to water it.  You can also use a bamboo stick for the same effect. 

Do you have any pets? Pachira is non toxic to pets, but if it is ingested, pets may experience symptoms of diarrhea or mild vomiting.  This is similar to when pets eat grass.

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