You learned all about our new Collector Series plant, the Million Hearts potted plant, in our recent fun facts and decor ideas blog. Now let’s learn how to best care for your plant so that you can enjoy those delightful heart shaped leaves all year long.

Million Hearts plants are very easy to grow and grow quickly under the right care. As you read in the fun facts blog, the Million Hearts plant is an epiphyte, which means it grows on other plants such as trees or tree branches.

Since these plants are epiphytes, you’ll want to care for them in a slightly different way and let it grow as it does naturally. Read on to learn the top plant care tips for your Million Hearts indoor potted plant.

Watering Care Tips

When watering your Million Hearts potted plant, make sure the potting mix soil is dried out. To test the soil moisture level, use a bamboo or wood skewer and insert it into the soil.

If you notice moisture in the soil, wait a day and then water your Million Hearts plant thoroughly by circling the water all over the surface of the potting mix.

Million Hearts plant in bright indirect light from the Top Care Tips For Your Million Hearts Potted Plant blog

Lighting Care Tips

Since the Million Hearts plant naturally grows under large trees, it thrives in bright indirect or filtered light. This plant also loves to receive a little bit of morning sun, especially in the winter.

The best place for the Million Hearts plant to thrive is in front of an Eastern facing window. If you notice the leaves turning reddish when the plant is in direct sunshine, it’s a good idea to move the plant out of the sun to keep the leaves from burning.

Temperature and Humidity Care Tips 

The best temperature for the Million Hearts potted plant is between 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 to 27 degrees Celsius. However, this plant is quite hardy and tolerant to warm or cold temperatures.

When temperatures rise quickly, especially when transitioning from spring to summer, try placing some pebbles in water next to the plant to maintain the ideal temperature and perspiration. When temperatures drop, especially in the summer to fall transition, try placing your Million Hearts potted plant a few meters away from the heater so that it feels a bit of warmth.

Since this plant originates from the rainforest of Asia, you’ll also want to maintain the ideal humidity for the plant. If you live in a colder climate, all you have to do is place your Million Hearts potted plant next to other plants so that they can share the humidity together or you can also invest in a humidifier.

Soil Care Tips

Since the Million Hearts potted plant grows naturally with a lot of air circulation around them, the ideal soil is a very loose potting mix. Either orchid bark mix or coco husk chips or coconut coir.

If you are using orchid bark or coco husk chips, best to hydrate them by soaking them in water for 30 mins before using them.

Caring for Your Million Hearts Potted Plant from the Top Care Tips For Your Million Hearts Potted Plant blog

Fertilizer & Pruning Care Tips

Fertilizer is important for any house plant, including the Million Hearts potted plant, as it provides minerals to help plants grow and strengthen the roots. Fertilize with a diluted water-fertilizer mixture during the growing season, typically from March to September or Spring and Summer every 20-25 days.

It is best to prune and trim your Million Hearts potted plant when the branches grow up to 90cm and start to cascade too much. Put on a pair of gloves and cut at the cascading stems in any season, not just in the spring.

Growing, Pests & Diseases Care Tips

While growing your Million Hearts plant, you may notice the leaves turning yellow, try checking the soil and the quality. If the soil is hard and dense, you’ll want to select a different soil mix. If the soil is wet, use your hands or a wood skewer to let some air through the soil. Wait until the soil dries out completely then cut the yellow leaves off.

The Million Hearts potted plant may sometimes have plant pests if the soil is too dense or if the soil does not drain properly in between waterings. To get rid of pests, spray the plant with some oil or dish soap diluted with water.

If your Million Hearts potted plant has diseases, it’ll look dull and turn brown or light yellow. Simply cut off the branches with the disease.

Finishing Up

The Million Hearts indoor potted plant is gaining in popularity because of its beautiful heart-shaped leaves and easy-care requirements that result in a good growth rate.

By following the above plant care tips, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your HortyGirl Million Hearts potted plant all year long, and you may even see flowers bloom in the shape of tiny stars in between the leaves.

Read more about Million Hearts potted plants in our fun facts and decor ideas blog. If you have further care questions, please contact us.