The Areca Palm, also known as Dyspsis lutenscens, Golden Cane Palm, Yellow Palm, Bamboo Palm or Butterfly Palm, is one of the most widely sold indoor plants all over the world and is a fan favourite in the HortyGirl product line up. Known for its attractive appearance and lush green features, Areca Palm potted plants purify the air, grow slowly and require minimal care making them the perfect addition to any living decor.

You may have purchased a Areca Palm potted plant at your local HortyGirl retailer or received it as a gift from a loved one. If you’re curious about your Areca Palm potted plant and you’re looking for ways to decorate your home or office with this elegant plant, read on to learn more.

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Areca Palm Potted Plant Fun Facts

The Origins and History Of the Areca Palm Potted Plant

Native to Madagascar, the Areca Palm potted plant is a species of the small palm tree in the Dypsis genus and is part of the Arecaeceae plant family. This plant family includes about 2,600 species that thrive in humid tropical climates all over the world such as rainforests and along rivers.

The meaning behind the first part of the Areca palm potted plant genus name, “Dypsis,” is believed to have stemmed from the Greek word for “diver” or dypto. The second half of the genus name “lutescense” is derived from the Latin word for “growing yellow”, which refers to the colour of the plant’s trunks.

Another fun history fact is that in Ancient Greece, the Areca palm was believed to be associated with victory and success. The leaves of the Areca palm symbolized the goddess of victory, Nike for the ancient Greeks and is often shown in art as a winged figure while carrying a palm leaf.

Features of the Areca Palm Potted Plant

Compared to outdoor palms that grow up to 12-30 feet, the indoor Areca Palm plants are smaller and grow up to approximately 8 feet tall.

The Areca Palm potted plant features smooth, sometimes golden trunks with bright green fan-shaped leaves similar to the Bamboo. The lush foliage of the plant extends out from arching fronds resulting in a feathery, canopy shape, like butterfly wings. Under the right conditions and care, a Areca Palm potted plant can even blossom producing tiny yellow flowers, but they sometimes can be hard to spot.

Another interesting fact of the Areca Palm potted plants is that they are believed to bring good fortune, wealth and improve balance in Feng Shui practices.

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Top Living Decor Ideas for the Areca Palm Potted Plant

With its vibrant lush foliage, the Areca Palm potted plant will give any living decor that tropical rainforest feel. Add a touch of nature and bring the tropical vibe indoors by placing a Areca Palm potted plant in your home or office.

When determining the place for your Areca Palm potted plant, keep in mind the lighting requirements for the plant. The best place for this plant is in a space with bright indirect light.

Partially shaded patios in the summer time or in climates with the plant’s ideal temperature are a great spot. For visual appeal, try grouping two other plants with the Areca Palm potted plant such as the African Violet for some added colour,  Jade Plant or Zebra Haworthia for a different texture look. When grouping plants together, best to find plants that have similar lighting requirements.

Other potential locations for this plant could be in an entryway to bring in balance if you follow Feng Shui practices, on bookshelves in your office or a mantle in your home. Since decorating our homes and offices with plants can increase productivity and boost moods, you can also try adding a Areca Palm potted plant to your office desk.

Areca Palms also thrive in humid conditions, so try placing them in a bathroom window that has bright indirect light or on the bathroom vanity.

Finishing Up

The Areca Palm potted plant is one of the most popular easy-care plants all over the world. With its air purifying qualities and beautiful foliage, this simple indoor plant will bring that Areca rainforest feel into your living decor for many years. If you have a busy on-the-go life, love the rainforest, love palm trees and want to create a variety of textures in your living decor, this is the indoor potted plant to add to your plant collection.

You can find our Areca Palm potted plant at a local HortyGirl retailer near you. 

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