Taking care of a Lucky Jade Plant

Low Maintenance House Plant - Lucky Jade Plant
Low Maintenance House Plant - Lucky Jade Plant

The Jade plant is also known as the Lucky Plant, Money Plant and more technical – Crassula argentea.  Jade is one of the most commonly grown houseplants. It’s popularity comes from it’s classic elegance and beauty and it’s low-maintenance requirement.  Its characterized by plump, full leaves with a glossy appearance coming off of thick stems.’

Care for your Jade plant is relatively easy, but you will need to know the plant’s specific requirements.

Jade plants like moderate light but will tolerate some direct sunlight. They will thrive in front of a south window, but will also do fine in front of an east window. If given some direct sunlight, they will flower.

Watering the money plant can be quite tricky.  You should only water when the soil feels completely dry and only water the plan 1/4 of a cup. An indication that the jade plant needs water – the pump leaves won’t have that supple feeling and will look a bit wrinkled.

Be careful watering jade plants! If you over water them, the plants can develop root rot where the stems will become soft and turn blackish.  If you under-water them the leaves can tend to droop.

A FOOLPROOF WAY to WATER A JADE PLANT – Use the Horty Girl Smart Stick found with every plant.  Similar to baking, stick the smart stick into the soil, wait a second and pull it out.  If it comes out clean, then its time to water it.

If your plant does develop stem or root rot, you should remove those stems as soon as possible to prevent it from speading to other healthy stems.

Another problem that this plant may experience is mealy bugs.  Mealybugs are common parasites on the stems and under leaves of Jade plants. If you notice these bugs on your jade plant, spray the plant with a soapy dishwasher mixture twice a day and it should get rid of them.  This “shower”method can also be done is the leaves become dusty.  Never use any leaf shine or cleaner products since it will destroy the protective oil on the leaves.

Putting the plant outside in the rain on a mild day occasionally can also help to wash off dust and freshen up the foliage as well.

To Propagate a Jade plant: Place a single healthy leaf against the side of the container with its basejust touching the top of the soil. Don’t water until you see that the leaf is producing roots and a new plant is forming.

Jade plants can also be produced from stem cutings, which can be quite short. Allow the cut end to dry off for a couple of weeks and then pot up in dry-ish soil. After two – three weeks a little water can be given.