As winter carries on into February, we continue to find comfort in the warmth of indoor spaces. WIth us spending more time indoors, now is the opportune moment to elevate your living decor by introducing indoor potted plants that are known for their air purifying qualities. These plants are not only aesthetically pleasing as gifts or decor, but also act as natural purifiers, cleansing indoor air from certain pollutants.

Explore the curated selection of top air purifying indoor potted plants recommended by our HortyGirl Potted Plant Expert, and discover how these indoor potted plants can turn your indoor living decor into a healthier and greener living environment. Keep reading for more insights.

Why Choose Air Purifying Indoor Potted Plants

Choosing air purifying indoor potted plants for your home or office is a great proactive step towards creating a healthier and more rejuvenating environment.

These indoor potted plants not only enhance the visual appeal of your living decor, but also play a vital role in improving indoor air quality.

Air purifying indoor potted plants are natural filters, known to remove certain pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. Their presence in your home or office promotes better respiratory health, reduces stress and enhances overall well-being.

Along with their minimal maintenance, air purifying indoor potted plants also contribute to a cleaner, fresher living decor atmosphere making them an ideal choice for those individuals seeking a sustainable and holistic approach to indoor comfort. By placing air purifying indoor potted plants in your living decor, you’ll bring nature indoors, and also cultivate a space that fosters both physical and mental vitality.

Aloe Vera from the Top Air Purifying Indoor Potted Plants blog.

How to Choose Air Purifying Indoor Potted Plants

Before purchasing and selecting air purifying indoor potted plants for your living decor, consider factors that align with your lifestyle and conditions of your living environment.

First, assess the lighting in your living decor, some indoor potted plants thrive in low light and some in bright indirect sunlight. Next, think about the amount of time you can dedicate to plant care, and select easy-care indoor potted plant varieties if you have a busy schedule. Additionally, you’ll want to try and identify the pollutants to target, as different indoor potted plants have varying capabilities in filtering specific toxins. Finally, think about the size of your living space and choose indoor potted plants that fit the space.

To ensure you successfully select air purifying indoor potted plants that suit your preferences and needs, consult with local nurseries for further insights tailored to your region’s climate and conditions.

Top Air Purifying Indoor Potted Plants

Many indoor potted plants are known for their air purifying qualities, as they can help remove certain pollutants from the indoor air. Here are some top air purifying indoor potted plants:

Sansevieria Potted Plant

Sansevierias stand out for their easy-care nature, adaptability to various environments, and ability to flourish in low light conditions. Known for their air purifying qualities, Sansevieria potted plants are believed to effectively filter certain pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. This plant variety also uniquely contributes to indoor air quality by removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen at night, making it a particularly beneficial addition to your living decor.

Anthurium from the Top Air Purifying Indoor Potted Plants blog.

Anthurium Potted Plant

Anthuriums are also an elegant and great addition to indoor spaces because of their striking beauty and their exceptional air purifying capabilities. Acknowledged by NASA’s list of air purifying potted plants, these tropical beauties are known to filter indoor air. Their large, dark leaves act as natural purifiers, absorbing pollutants such as toluene,  formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia. Anthurium potted plants are an ideal and thoughtful gift, particularly suitable for workplaces where printers or adhesives may contribute to indoor air pollution.

Aloe Vera Potted Plant

Aloe Vera is not only known for its remarkable healing properties, but also serves as an effective air purifying indoor potted plant. This succulent is believed to have the ability to cleanse specific pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. Considered both aesthetically pleasing and functional, Aloe Vera potted plant stands out as a versatile indoor potted plant with dual benefits for your well-being.

Areca Palm Potted Plant

Areca Palm is also a valuable addition to indoor spaces due to its air purifying qualities. Recognized for its effectiveness in removing indoor pollutants including formaldehyde and benzene, the Areca palm potted plant adds a touch of tropical greenery and nature while also contributing to a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

Philodendron Potted Plant

Philodendrons emerge as a versatile and beneficial choice for the living decor. Renowned for its air purifying capabilities, this indoor potted plant is known to remove formaldehyde from the air, contributing to a clearer and healthier living space. Beyond its air cleansing qualities, Philodendron potted plants are low maintenance, making it an ideal option for both beginner and experienced plant enthusiasts.

Peace Lily Potted Plant

The Peace Lily is a remarkable indoor potted plant known for its exceptional air purifying qualities and is believed to have the ability to remove pollutants such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. This elegant plant not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living decor with its visual charm, but also contributes to a healthier indoor atmosphere.

Finishing Up

While we have highlighted some of the top air purifying indoor potted plants above, it’s crucial to remember that these potted plant varieties can enhance indoor air quality, but are not a substitute for effective ventilation and other air purification methods within your living decor.

Regular plant care such as checking the soil moisture and watering when required as well cleaning the leaves is essential to maintaining the effectiveness of these indoor potted plants. By mindfully tending to these indoor potted plants, you’ll enjoy a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere all year long.

If you love the indoor potted plants listed above, you can find them at a retail store near you. If you’re looking for indoor potted plant care tips, find the plant name on the HortyGirl tag then search for the name in our plant care blog. If you have more plant care questions or need help determining the plant name, please contact us.